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Modul interconectare VHF, wirelesss, negru - AJAX
Preluare transmitatoare VHF pentru integrare in centrale AJAX, setare facila prin aplicatia Android / iOS.
Iesiri alarma: 8 tip high / low potential, Tipuri alarma: 15, Verificare foto: NU
Mod operare: bistabil sau pulse functie de tipul de iesire, Timp alarmare: 0.15 s
Frecventa operare: 868.0 - 868.6 MHz, Putere RF: autoajustabila max. 25 mW
Criptare: AES, Distanta comunicare: max. 1800 m; Perioada interogare: 12-300 s, Protectii: tamper dublu, detectie bruiaj; Alimentare: 110 - 240 Vca, Backup: 12 Vcc, 4 / 7 Ah, Dimensiune acumulator: 150 × 64 × 94 mm; Alimentare transmitatoare VHF: 10.5 - 15.5 Vcc, max. 2 A; Temperatura operare: -10°C ÷ 40°C, Utilizare: interior, Dimensiuni: 196 × 238 × 100 mm, Greutate: 840 g, Culoare: NEGRU; Compatibilitate: Hub Plus, Hub 2, Hub 2 Plus; Transmitatoare VHF recomandate: Hawk VHF Alarm Transmitter (FSK Electronics), TX750C (RDC), TR-41 (Puper)

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