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Modul receptor integrare detectori AJAX in module cu interfata UART - AJAX
Modul de integrare cu sisteme wireless terte sau smart home
Senzori suportati: MotionProtect (MotionProtect Plus), DoorProtect, SpaceControl, GlassProtect, CombiProtect, FireProtect (FireProtect Plus), LeaksProtect; Interfata comunicare cu UC: UART (57 kBd); Frecventa operare: 868.0 - 868.6 MHz, Putere RF: autoajustabila max. 25 mW; Criptare: AES, Distanta comunicare: max. 2000 m; Nr. dispozitive conectate: max. 85; Protectii: detectie bruiaj; Alimentare: 5 Vcc (din interfata UART); Temperatura operare: -10°C ÷ 40°C, Utilizare: interior; Dimensiuni: 110 × 58 × 13 mm, Greutate: 32 g

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